• A 15+ Year History

  • 2003-2007

    Autonomy Pioneers

    Perrone Robotics is the company behind the first general purpose robotics software platform for autonomous vehicles and robots. We call this platform MAX. We make the analogy that MAX is to Robots as Windows is to Computers or as Android is to Smartphones. MAX’s patented design provides a new & unique way to rapidly develop autonomous vehicles, is unparalleled in its comprehensiveness as a solution, and is designed with modularity in mind to adapt to different sensors, cars, and algorithms.

    Perrone Robotics was fielding MAX in fully autonomous vehicles as far back as the historic 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge.
    We were also early to file a pioneers patent in 2006.

  • 2008-2015

    Commercial Projects

    Perrone Robotics have since fielded MAX in a wide range of both showcase and commercial applications. From Neil Young’s electric vehicle conversion called LincVolt to drop-in autonomy kits that enable users to convert any car or truck into an autonomous vehicle in 30 minutes or less, MAX has been repeatedly vetted and refined over the years.

  • 2016-2017

    Series A Expansion

    In 2016, Intel Capital led our Series A round of investment which put our company on the transformative path to fully commercializing our technology. We also established a new facility including an autonomous vehicle test track outside Charlottesville, Virginia and expanded our workforce of super heroes.

  • 2017-2018

    Strategic Projects

    With the wind of a capital raise at our backs, we also grew our business and commercial engagements with a premier brand Automotive Oem, Tier 1 Auto supplier, fielding autonomous mining trucks with the Liebherr corporation, as well as engagements with channel partners such as Wind River and a large PC manufacturer.


Companies we are proud to work with.