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TONY Shuttle service for Albermarle County Announced

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Mobile Autonomous Applications

  • MAX is a patented, proven, adaptable, efficient, and scalable autonomous vehicle software engine. MAX has been developed and applied for over 15 years in automotive, industrial and a broad range of applications. MAX serves as the underlying technology behind Perrone Robotics’ TONY autonomous shuttle technology. TONY autonomous shuttles, built atop of MAX technology, offer a highly sophisticated and rapidly deployable approach to providing fully autonomous transit of people and things for short to medium range applications.

  • Sensors

    MAX provides a hardware-agnostic approach for integrating sensors into autonomous vehicle applications. MAX provides a means to rapidly integrate a wide range of sensors in a vehicle application without having to write new code. 

  • Applications

    MAX provides a means to rapidly integrate new autonomous behaviors without having to write new code. Using a set of commonly reusable building blocks, new and sophisticated autonomous behaviors can be constructed and fielded into an application by way of a novel rapid configuration technology.

  • Actuators

    MAX provides a hardware-agnostic approach for integrating actuation and controls into autonomous vehicle applications. Be it drive-by-wire or direct motor controls, MAX provides a vehicle-agnostic way to deploy fully autonomous behaviors into any type of vehicle mobility platform. Electric vehicles, commercial passenger vehicles, vans, buses, and large industrial trucks are all easily automated by MAX.

  • Virtual Machine

    MAX runs across a wide range of operating systems by leveraging a “virtual machine”. By leveraging a virtual machine, MAX applications can be built for one operating environment and easily port to another with no code changes.

  • Operating System

    Because MAX leverages a virtual machine, MAX applications can run in a wide variety of operating environments. MAX applications can be developed on Windows and MAC OS X operating systems and then deployed to Linux or real-time operating systems such as VxWorks or QNX.

  • Hardware Platform

    MAX is compute architecture independent. Chip hardware such as x86, ARM, or custom FPGA architectures are supported by MAX. MAX is so efficient that fully autonomous vehicles have been fielded atop of $30 Raspberry Pi boards. For more rugged applications, MAX typically runs on industrial and automotive grade embedded computers.

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TONY is Perrone Robotics' technology for autonomous shuttles. Be it people or things, TONY shuttles provide a ground-breaking new approach for autonomous transit.

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Perrone Robotics' provides custom vehicle integration services by leveraging its patented MAX platform for rapid and sophisticated autonomy.

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Perrone Robotics' MAX technology has been developed for fully autonomous automotive applications for over 15 years.

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MAX has been applied to industrial grade autonomy in among the most challenging and rugged application environments.

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