December 11, 2015

USPTO Grants Pioneer Robotics Patent to Perrone Robotics

Invention Represents Leap in Advancing Robotics State of the Art

On November 24, 2015, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office granted patent 9,195,233 to Perrone Robotics for its General Purpose Robotics Operating System (GPROS) with a filing date of February 27, 2006. Perrone Robotics’ MAX platform represents an embodiment of this patent. Designed as a general purpose robotics operating system, middleware platform, and behavioral engine to provide a novel and cohesive set of application services for robotics and automation applications, the invention and technology represents a giant leap forward in making robotics and automation applications dramatically easier and more robust to build.

GPROS and MAX have applicability to benefit trending developments in unmanned ground vehicles including fully autonomous vehicles and driverless cars, unmanned air vehicles including drones, sensor-based applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Further extensions and continuations of GPROS and MAX have been applied to driverless cars, fully autonomous robotic vehicles, and small unmanned ground vehicles. With GPROS and MAX, Perrone Robotics’ mission to help foster an approach for more rapidly and robustly building applications of this ilk has come to fruition.