November 12, 2014

TransCore Deployment Expansion

Perrone Robotics signed with existing customer TransCore to augment their Vehicle Scanning System (VSS) software and license for additional sites including Pennsylvania Turnpike interchanges for I-95, Route 903, and Lansdale. The PRI software enables TransCore to use laser-based vehicle measurement rather than “ground loops” embedded in the road, which are costly to install and maintain.

The VSS uses SICK LMS 511 LIDAR to detect and track individual vehicles, and includes intelligent, adaptive noise filtering for rain, fog, dust, etc. The new version of the VSS software will handle more lanes of free-flowing traffic and support existing measurements actions including the following:

  • Real-time vehicle location information for weigh-in-motion
  • Real-time triggering of license plate capture cameras
  • Vehicle height, width and length measurement
  • Speed measurement