Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), be they smaller indoor home and workplace robots, or outdoor last mile delivery robots, are like autonomous cars, but typically use fewer sensors and lower-speed maneuvers. MAX’s modular architecture allows you to choose which aspects of MAX you want to use. A smaller MAX means you can run on modest or small footprint devices. MAX for Small UGVs:

  • Allows you to quickly integrate sensor data, plan movements, avoid obstacles, and control devices via built-in Ethernet or serial interfaces just as in autonomous cars
  • Allows you to configure your sensors and controls and then drive your Small UGV with little or no programming to start
  • Will be there with you as your solution evolves – you may need to add some filter code or you may want to design new combinations of maneuvers specific to your tasks. Add to MAX or replace as little or as much as you want

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