Vehicle automation is, in many ways, the apex challenge for robotics.

Autonomous cars must manage high-speed maneuvers, low-speed complex city traffic, pedestrian and vehicle avoidance, high-volume data collection and processing, day/night operation, weather, etc. MAX-AUTO provides the optimal platform to develop solutions in this space. MAX-AUTO offers:

  • A vertically integrated stack which allows complex operations to be built quickly from existing, atomic operations or maneuvers;
  • A proven set of capabilities to integrate common sensors, perceive obstacles, fuse data, plan moves and follow paths, and control vehicles;
  • A full set of maneuvers and common sensors pre-integrated and tested are included to get you moving quickly;
  • A model where components within MAX can be replaced by a connector to your code. This means you can leverage your existing code, try new sensors, or enhance maneuvering and route planning logic.

We also recognize the need for machine learning, neural net technologies, V2X communications, and HD mapping as important parts of any autonomous vehicle solution. All of these technologies have interfaces designed into MAX-AUTO. We continue to evolve our MAX-AUTO reference platform to include increasingly advanced capabilities for autonomous driving. It’s our job to make it easy for you to add, test, enhance, and ultimately deploy the latest technology.

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