December 06, 2006

SICK and Perrone Robotics Announce Collaboration

SICK and Perrone Robotics collaborate to provide Leading Edge Sensor, Software and Services for Automation and Robotics Applications and Customers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — Dec. 06, 2006 — Perrone Robotics, Inc., a leading provider of robotics and automation software and services, today announced it will work with SICK, Inc., a leading provider of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification solutions to provide innovative solutions for automation and robotics applications. The relationship will leverage sensor expertise from SICK with the software platforms and integration services of Perrone Robotics in order to provide automation and robotics application customers with an end-to-end solution for integration of SICK sensors into their applications.

SICK provides a wide range of sensor solutions for automation applications, including its Laser Measurement System Sensors (LMS). These sensors are non-contact measuring systems that scan two-dimensionally, with no additional reflectors or markers required. These devices are ideal for robotics, determining the volume of objects or bulk materials, collision prevention, determining and monitoring the position of objects, sorting and classifying, and for positioning control. Laser Measurement Systems are powerful and versatile tools; they are available in both indoor- and outdoor-use models.

Perrone Robotics’ MAX-LMS software provides a rich suite of software services common across SICK LMS applications, modules for vertical LMS applications, and complete vertical LMS applications. The core MAX-LMS components provide application modules for configuring an LMS as well as for retrieving, visualizing, and operating on LMS range data. Using the underlying MAX platform, a value-added means for rapid integration with additional sensors (e.g. GPS and encoders), actuators, and third-party components and applications become seamless. Perrone Robotics’ specific vertical components and applications for the LMS include 2D and 3D visualization, area and volumetric measurement, detection of breached security zones, asset protection overlays on equipment and vehicles, and common services for integration in robotics and unmanned ground vehicle applications. Perrone Robotics also provides integration services in support of its MAX-LMS software suite and MAX platform, leveraging these general purposes and vertical components in order to help customers rapidly create tailored applications.

“SICK’s LMS and broader sensor suite have a six-decade-long history of demonstrated and proven industrial grade reliability, resolution, and performance. Use of SICK sensors in robotics and automation applications has provided us and customers with the highest levels of confidence and precision,” said Paul Perrone, founder and CEO of Perrone Robotics. “Our joint group allows us to make a strong statement about providing reliable and cost- effective solutions for the industrial-grade automation and emerging robotics marketplace.”

“Perrone Robotics’ MAX-LMS software suite and underlying MAX platform provides a general software framework and operating environment upon which LMS applications can be rapidly and cost-effectively realized as well as integrated into a broader application. They’ve demonstrated this capability in advanced autonomous vehicle applications and made the rapid jump to broader commercial robotics and automation applications,” said Jeff Wuendry, product marketing manager at SICK. “We’re very excited about our shared pursuit to rapidly tackle customer needs and we’ve already experienced the benefits.”

About SICK

SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications. With nearly 450 patents, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the robotics, automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage, and material handling markets. SICK was founded in 1946 and has operations or representation in 65 countries worldwide.

About Perrone Robotics

Perrone Robotics, Inc. provides software for robotics. Perrone Robotics’ general purpose MAX software platform and toolkit is used to more rapidly and affordably create robotics and automation solutions of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Perrone Robotics demonstrated how their patent-pending MAX platform could be used to build highly complex robotics applications ‘faster and cheaper’ by fielding an entry and being selected to participate in the highly competitive and historic DARPA Grand Challenge — an unmanned autonomous vehicle competition sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Perrone Robotics offers packaged solutions and works with original equipment manufacturers to integrate their MAX platform into new and existing robotics and automation products of all types. Perrone Robotics’ Web site:

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