May 30, 2007

Robotized UAV

Perrone Robotics unveiled an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) it has been working on at the Sun Microsystems JavaOne 2007 trade show. The UAV was rapidly fielded using the MAX robotics platform, MAX-LMS software for laser measurement, and MAX-GeoRange libraries for fusing GPS, inertial navigation data, and laser data in real time. Perrone Robotics’ founder Paul Perrone was on hand to demonstrate the UAV during the 2007 JavaOne Keynote with James Gosling, the founder of Java.

The demonstration took place in the form of an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) equipped with a LIDAR from SICK Inc, GPS, an Inertial Navigation Sensor (INS), and an embedded computer outfitted by Perrone Robotics. Built for a commercial terrain scanning application, Paul Perrone and James Gosling stood on stage as the copter swooped in from stage left, scanned James and Paul, and pushed the 3D output to the stage screen in real-time. The MAX platform was used to rapidly build the software on board, running on Sun Microsystems’ Java Real Time System virtual machine.

Also presented at JavaOne this year was a talk on the application of Java to robotics and automation in general. Link to All About Java Technology based Robots here.