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  • TONY is a ground-breaking approach for the autonomous transit of people and things.
  • TONY autonomous shuttles are full-stack autonomous solutions built upon the patented MAX general purpose autonomous vehicle software engine.
  • With more than 16 years of rigorous development in sectors such as automotive, industrial, and a broad range of other autonomous vehicle applications behind it, MAX provides TONY autonomous shuttles with a high degree of proven and cost-effective sophisticated behavior.
  • Perrone Robotics’ MAX platform also enables autonomy for a wide range of underlying vehicular platforms. From neighborhood electric vehicles, to large electric buses, to legacy transit vans and buses, MAX’s patented vehicle-agnostic approach allows for the broadest possible range of TONY autonomous shuttling needs.

TONY Autonomous Shuttles

TONY autonomous shuttle technology can be applied to a wide range of vehicles – because TONY is built using Perrone Robotics’ MAX engine. MAX is Perrone Robotics’ patented, proven, adaptable, efficient, and scalable autonomous vehicle operating system. MAX has been deployed across a wide range of highly sophisticated autonomous applications for over 15 years including advanced autonomous automotive and industrial vehicle applications.

TONY shuttles can be hailed to autonomously arrive at a desired pickup location, and then can be directed to autonomously drive to a target drop-off location making intermediate stops along the way. TONY shuttles also offer a hybrid mode of operation enabling autonomous delivery of shuttles to operators and then allowing operators to take control once on board.


NEV People Transit

  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) is the first target for TONY as they provide safe and reliable autonomous transportation of passengers in short to medium range transit applications.
  • NEV shuttles of varying capacity (2-4-6 seaters) may be used to provide a cost-effective and right-sized shuttle for the transit job at hand.
  • NEVs provide clean and quiet zero emissions electric vehicles with optional solar charging as well.

NEV Goods transit

  • NEVs may also be used for economical autonomous delivery of goods and packages.
  • Goods and materials payload options range from enclosed to open bay carriages of various sizes.
  • The NEV’s size and efficiency brings cleaner and less expensive transportation of goods and services as well as personnel.

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