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Closing in on driverless autonomy for well-understood courses

  • TONY delivers right-sized mobility for the median mile using clean and quiet electric vehicles.  “Well-understood courses” simply means a regular route where the main problem areas have been assessed and addressed with additional sensors or higher scrutiny of that area by existing sensors.
  • TONY autonomous shuttles are the combination of existing, NHTSA-approved vehicles and our proven full-stack autonomous solution using the unique and created-from-scratch MAX general-purpose autonomous vehicle software engine.
  • MAX provides TONY autonomous shuttles with sophisticated behaviors based on over 16 years of development and deployment in automobiles, industrial trucks, small robots, and more.  MAX is the autonomous engine that enables transit applications to run on the right platform for the right job.
  • PRI’s goal for TONY: make autonomous a wide range of underlying vehicular platforms from neighborhood electric vehicles, to large electric buses, to legacy transit body-on-chassis vans and buses.


TONY Autonomous Shuttles

TONY autonomous shuttle technology can be applied to a wide range of vehicles – because TONY is built using Perrone Robotics’ MAX engine. MAX is Perrone Robotics’ patented, proven, adaptable, efficient, and scalable autonomous vehicle operating system. MAX has been deployed across a wide range of highly sophisticated autonomous applications for over 16 years including advanced autonomous automotive and industrial vehicle applications.

TONY shuttles are created with dynamic mobility in mind – sending the right vehicle for the job and not just on a fixed route. TONY shuttles can be hailed to autonomously arrive at a desired pickup location, and then move autonomously to a target drop-off location making intermediate stops along the way. TONY shuttles offer a hybrid mode of operation enabling autonomous delivery of shuttles to operators and then allowing operators to take control once on board.


TONY NEV People Transit

  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) are the first target for TONY as they provide safe and reliable autonomous transportation of passengers for short to medium range transit applications.
  • NEV shuttles of varying capacity (2-4-6 seaters) may be used to provide a cost-effective and right-sized shuttle for the transit job at hand.
  • NEVs provide clean and quiet zero emissions electric vehicles with optional solar charging as well.
  • We’ve selected the Polaris GEM for our first platform due to its versatility and reliability, but we can work with other vehicles as well. Contact us with your desired platform.
  • Finally NEVs are scaled for neighborhoods – smaller, quieter, less threatening to walkers, bicyclists, and those that reside in higher-density living areas.

TONY NEV Goods transit

  • NEVs may also be used for economical autonomous delivery of goods and packages.  Watch our test run in Crozet – with a safety driver – and without!
  • Like the shuttle vehicles, these are small footprint vehicles which don’t take up a lot of room on the road or parking lots.
  • Goods and materials payload options range from enclosed to open bay carriages of various sizes.
  • The NEV’s size and efficiency brings cleaner and less expensive transportation of goods and services as well as personnel.
  • The similarity in platforms makes these vehicles less expensive to create and operate leading to additional efficiencies.

TONY Is Mobility Platform and Hardware Agnostic

  • TONY easily adapts to any existing vehicle platform using drive-by-wire integration or one of Perrone Robotics’ autonomy kit solutions.
  • We can adapt – and have adapted – this model to small EVs, vans, trucks, buses, or custom mobility platforms for transit.
  • Leverage sensor agnostic software for plug and play of sensor configurations suited for the transit application at hand.
  • While extra design effort is required to convert the first in a series, after that conversions are simpler and less expensive.  Your application will work the same across any of the vehicles within the constraint of the vehicle itself
  • Leverage a wide ranging suite of existing autonomous maneuvers and behaviors or have us configure new ones using our MAX software platform.

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