September 14, 2010

PRI Team returns from LincVolt Turbine Integration Trip

A crew from Perrone Robotics (PRI) was on hand at Brizio’s Street Rods in South San Francisco, CA to imbue LincVolt with a series of new upgrades. Key amongst them were integration of the onboard Capstone Turbine into LincVolt. The turbine is what enables LincVolt’s battery pack to recharge in motion. Our tasks included the software integration with the turbine to turn it on and off manually and automatically, issue power demand levels, monitor the status of the system, and generally manage the generator’s life cycle as the car is driven.

Among other tasks included integration of a aggregated broadband system for Web site publishing updates, Web publishing software updates, gauge controls updates, regenerative braking controls updates, and a laundry list of other updates to get LincVolt road worthy.

After a few 100+ mile drives in LincVolt including an historic run with LincVolt being repowered by the turbine while driving, we left feeling that LincVolt has finally crossed the chasm and is more ready than ever to advance to the next phase as a reliable extended range electric vehicle (ER-EV).