March 12, 2018

PreSeries Selects PRI as #1 Autonomous Software Provider

PreSeries, a Machine-Learning-as-a-Service company that generates artificial intelligence (AI)-driven insights and scores about startups for investors, recently ranked the “Top 10 Autonomous Vehicles Startups.”  Within this ranking, Perrone Robotics was pleased to find that the PreSeries AI algorithms, which have vetted over 400,000 companies so far, ranked it as Number 1 on the list of autonomous vehicle startups!

We find this interesting particularly because we use AI methods ourselves for various perception and decision-making tasks such as locating a traffic light in a given field-of-view and determining its color/state. AI is useful for tasks such as this because it evaluates scenes or scenarios through recognition of patterns on which it had been trained.  So, for traffic light detection, we feed our system a range of traffic light images in different locations under different lighting conditions and “train” it where to find the objects and determine the color.  This method is very helpful for tasks where important information may be hard to find in a given set of data.

PerSeries appears to be using a similar technique whereby they search the web for information on various companies and determine key elements that will lead to business success in the areas they investigate.  While we don’t know the exact methods and data used, we can fully agree with their conclusion that there is much more to Perrone Robotics than meets the eye.  Now our job is to prove them right – and we will!