May 30, 2017

Perrone Robotics in the News – NBC 29

Perrone Robotics was visited today by the NBC affiliate from Charlottesville, NBC 29, for a look at our facility and how our technology is working in our reference vehicle “Linc”.  Reporter Matt Talhelm interviewed our founder, Paul Perrone, and our VP of Engineering Nick Mykris while also getting a ride from Ralph Groves.

In the interview Linc demonstrates our reference UI guiding the vehicle around our test track while also showing obstacle detection (one of whom was Matt Talhelm himself!) and also passing around the obstacle.  These are standard maneuvers that our MAX platform comes with.

As indicated in the interview, Paul feels that the MAX platform has come a long way from its early days in the DARPA Urban Challenge.  Give it a few more years and we’ll see MAX and autonomous vehicles on a road near you!

A big thanks to Matt and the NBC 29 crew for the visit today!

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