February 19, 2018

Perrone Robotics at Embedded World

Together with our real-time VM partner Aicas, Perrone Robotics Inc. (PRI) demonstrated the MAX platform at the 2018 Embedded World conference and exposition in February 2018.  Aicas is an important partner for PRI as they enable our real-time operation needed for safety critical operations of our platform.  This means that our perception and control threads will execute when they need to and won’t be blocked by any other processing that may be going on because they are higher priority threads.  Aicas allows PRI to use Java as our main development language, and still obtain the hard real-time control needed for autonomous operations.

What you SAW there

At Embedded World we demonstrated our MAX platform in action using Webots simulation software from Cyberbotics.  We use this simulation software extensively as part of our development process, and it allows you to see how MAX functions in the real world.  We also aired some videos showing MAX in action in some of our autonomous cars.

Our CMO, Dave Hofert, was there giving a talk about Innovations in Perception and Control for Autonomous Vehicle Operation with Dan Isaacs from Xilinx.  The talk was on Tuesday at 3 PM in the Autonomous Vehicle track.  Read here for more information.

Thank you!

Thank you to Aicas for inviting us to be part of their booth.  We enjoyed seeing everyone there!