September 23, 2010

LincVolt at the Hard Rock

Paul Perrone from Perrone Robotics was down in Hollywood, Florida at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on September 23, 2010 with rock star Neil Young and LincVolt. Paul, Perrone Robotics, and the LincVolt team have been feverishly working on LincVolt recently getting it ready for this public debut of her latest wares. She’s fresh out of testing with a brand new functional onboard micro-turbine generator which is now enabling her to make extended range trips while recharging in motion. Perrone Robotics recently made extensive changes to LincVolt’s onboard intelligence by adding a ruggedized onboard control system in June and integrated the turbine controls in August and September.

We’re now getting excited to enter the next phase of development as Oracle has just given word that they will sponsor Perrone Robotics’ effort to bring autonomous functionality to LincVolt. On September 23rd, Paul was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Holywood, Florida to participate in an on site exhibit, press conference, and a general coming out party for LincVolt. Neil performed that night at the Hard Rock Live and the entire LincVolt family was there to revel over LincVolt’s recent advances.