March 21, 2015

Inside Unmanned Systems Feature Story

Perrone Robotics’ Automated Vehicle Test System (AVTS) was recently covered in an Inside Unmanned Systems feature story titled “The Future of Autonomy”. In the story, Perrone Robotics’ system deployed at an automotive safety testing institute is described. AVTS enables the institute to test advanced collision avoidance systems in vehicles today and is designed with a flexible architecture with the future in mind to test a wide range of automated functions in vehicles. Embodied by a drop-in actuator kit to retrofit existing vehicles with repeatable self-driving functions in 30 minutes or less, and a robotic dummy ‘soft’ target vehicle platform, the system is designed to facilitate safe testing of automated driving functions. The system is also well integrated end to end with a local positioning system from Locata Corporation, a reliable communications network, E-stop system, backend servers for data collection and management, and human machine interface for ease of test scenario programming by test engineers.

The complete Inside Unmanned Systems story can be found here: