July 30, 2018

Senior Java Developer

Job Description

  • Skilled and experienced Java software developer.
  • Knowledge of embedded Java software development, sensors, and robotics a plus.
  • Skilled and experienced object-oriented software professional.


Specific Skills

Java Programming

  • Extensive knowledge, skill, and experience with programming in Java.
  • Knowledge of Java SE libraries.
  • Object-oriented Java programming skill.
  • Skill in reuse of, extension of, and refactoring of software.
  • Documentation and JavaDoc of code.
  • Debugging and performance profiling skills.
  • Multi-threaded programming.

Object-oriented Design and Programming

  • Know-how in extracting and deriving top-level and detailed tasks and designs from various forms of written and verbal communications.
  • Skill in creating object-oriented software designs with consideration for Java implementation.
  • Knowledge and use of design patterns as well as hierarchical and layered software design.
  • Ability and interest in working with, using, and helping extend an underlying reusable software framework and extensions.
  • Translation of designs into Java software constructs.
  • Knowledge and skill in use of UML class and scenario/object diagramming and tools.

Development Tools

  • Skill and experience with Java IDE tools.
  • Skill and experience with version control tools.
  • Skill and experience with Maven and Ant are ideal.
  • Remote debugging and performance profiling (e.g. JProfiler) ideal.
  • Unit and system test tools ideal.

Organizational Skills

  • Documenting software developer and user guide information.
  • Methodical and structured software design and implementation.
  • Documenting software development and use information.
  • Organized development approach.
  • Methodical and structured software design and implementation.

At this time candidates must have a legal right to work in the US.  We are unable to process H1Bs.

Apply via jobs@perronerobotics.com