September 17, 2014

AVTS Demo with Three Robotic Units

Perrone Robotics performed a coordinated motion demonstration of the AVTS system at an automotive safety testing institute in Virginia. The demo involved three robotic units: one Target Robot and two vehicles automated with the drop-in actuator kit (DAK). Attendees included members of the institute’s board and representatives from Continental Automotive who also conducted demonstrations.

The demonstration featured:

  • Three robotic units with coordinated motion plans on shared track
  • “Near miss” events demonstrating precision of control and navigation systems
  • New soft target modeled after Volkswagen GTI (rear portion only used for this demo)
  • Coordinated run-over event

One thing we’ve learned from doing these demos is that attendees usually don’t want to see the vehicle under test successfully avoid a crash. They want to see our Target Robot get run over!