November 06, 2010

At SEMA with Neil Young and LincVolt

Paul Perrone from Perrone Robotics was on hand the first week of November at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada along with Legendary Rocker Neil Young and his LincVolt extended range electric vehicle. The SEMA show is one of the world’s largest trade shows with over 100,000 attending and is _the_ premier automotive specialty products trade show. Neil gave a compelling keynote speech discussing the mission of LincVolt and her demonstration as the cleanest hybrid around all in the hulking frame of a 1959 Lincoln Continental. A full video of Neil’s speech can be found here (with an alternate 4 part playlist found here). During a portion of the speech, Neil asked Paul Perrone to step onto the stage and discuss LincVolt’s onboard intelligent robotics technology. Paul discussed intelligent controls, connectivity, perception, and autonomy. In addition to a short discussion of the vehicles intelligent controls hub, Paul went on to describe some of the ongoing work being done on LincVolt’s intelligent perception and robotic self-driving autonomous vehicle capabilities. A video of Paul’s discussion at SEMA is shown here:

During the keynote, LincVolt was also driven out in front of the audience accompanied by two “LincVolt models”. It was quite a showing for LincVolt and the audience interest was tremendous.

After the keynote presentation, Neil, Paul, Steve Gillette from Capstone, Roy Brizio from Brizio Street Rods, and industry leaders such as Peter Diamandis of the X Prize foundation sat together on a Q&A panel and commented on the state of green technology in the automotive industry and the future of personal transportation.

LincVolt later retired to a spot on the show floor for two days as attendees got to see LincVolt up close and personal amongst the many other fantastic innovations in automotive technology on display at SEMA. The LincVolt team made a few new friends and established a few relationships that are certain to yield more collaborations and advancements to LincVolt in the future. Stay tuned.