• Paul Perrone

    Founder & CEO

    Paul Perrone is founder & CEO of Perrone Robotics. He is the inventor of “MAX”, the world’s first general-purpose robotics operating system for AVs & robotics (patented in 2006). He’s been an early pioneer in the space leading Perrone Robotics for over 15 years in the development of technology and business for robotics and AVs. His activities have included leading and fielding the development of fully autonomous vehicles for a 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge team and a 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge team, working with rocker Neil Young to automate his ’59 Lincoln Continental (“LincVolt”), fielding and integrating MAX technology with customers for commercial use, leading the Company’s Series A capital raise in 2016, and pushing the business and MAX technology further for use in AVs in the automotive, industrial, and broader robotics space. Apart from his commercial activities, Paul has also chaired the SAE On Road Autonomous Vehicle Standards Committee. He has 15+ years AV experience and 21+ years total hi-tech industry experience. He has a unique blend of experience in the development of business, operations, legal matters, and highly technical matters. Paul is also a published author and distinguished public speaker.

  • Dave Hofert


    Dave Hofert is the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Sales for Perrone Robotics, Inc.  He has held software development and management roles as well as Marketing and Marketing management roles at Sun Microsystems, Fidelity Investments, Nokia, and Oracle. Dave earned his Executive MBA from Boston University in 2000. In 2005 Dave became involved with Perrone Robotics when he helped organize funding for PRI to participate in both DARPA Grand Challenges and several JavaOne conference keynotes. Most recently, Dave worked within the Java Embedded Sales organization at Oracle where he was the Sr. Director of Business Development for IoT.  There he developed IoT and sales strategies and managed a world-wide business development team.

  • Michael Raschid

    CLO & VP of Ops

    Michael Raschid is Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of Operations at Perrone Robotics.  He has extensive experience with technology licensing, intellectual property and other strategic commercial matters engaged in by technology companies.  In his career spanning over 25+ years, he has represented both private and public technology companies, as well as some of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital investors.  Prior to joining Perrone Robotics, Mike was a partner at a leading Washington, DC firm, and a leading Silicon Valley law firm where he headed the technology transactions practice in its Northern Virginia office.