July 10, 2017

Over 250 rides given @TU-Automotive

The 2017 TU-Automotive show was a great time for Perrone Robotics and over 250 attendees who were able to get a ride around in Linc, our reference platform vehicle.

Out front of the exhibition hall, we set up an enclosed area that was large enough to allow our car to perform a series of maneuvers:

  • Driving an oval loop with two lanes specified
  • Driving the same course but in a figure 8 configuration
  • Following a vehicle moving slower than our assigned speed
  • Passing that vehicle if it stopped long enough
  • Stopping for random pedestrians walking in front of the car

Several riders videotaped their rides and commented on the smooth behavior of our car on the track.

We also demonstrated an interesting behavior which is similar to automobile following, but instead involves following a person.  Starting this application enables our car to identify a person in front of the vehicle and then track that person – almost like walking the dog.  As you walk away the car follows, when you stop it stops, as you walk left it follows.  An interesting effect is to walk side to side and watch the vehicle’s front wheels track you!  While the utility of this application might be reserved for parking or moving vehicles around in a lot, the real value demonstrated was that to create this application was a very simple modification using our MAX-based platform.  In this application we just changed the behavior from avoiding a detected obstacle to following it at close range – and it took less than an hour to create and test this feature.

Learn more about MAX and stay tuned for new adventures soon!