AVTS Target Robot

Test Collision Avoidance Systems and ADAS safely, accurately and repeatably.

The Target Robot is a low-profile autonomous vehicle that empowers safety test facilities, vehicle manufacturers, and vehicle safety system suppliers to safely and repeatably test the autonomous collision avoidance systems in today’s vehicles. Unlike previous test offerings, the Target Robot supports testing and safe collisions at highway speeds and can be used in indoor labs and covered test tracks as well as outdoors.

The AVTS including the Target Robot was developed based on requirements from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for performing tests including NHTSA Crash-Imminent Braking (CIB), NHTSA Dynamic Brake Support (DBS), Euro NCAP Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and others. 

Target Robot key features:

  • Supports collisions up to 55 mph
  • Carries payloads of up to 200 lbs. (as with the IIHS soft target shown above)
  • Teleop remote control or autonomous navigation
  • Acceleration, steering and braking dynamics similar to passenger car
  • Passenger car footprint of 11.5′ x 6′
  • Platform height of 5″ (not including soft target)
  • 0 to 55 mph in 10 sec

Target Robot Base

The Target Robot base is a low-profile robotic vehicle designed to carry “crashable” soft targets representing passenger cars, trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians. If the safety system of the vehicle under test fails to prevent a collision, the test vehicle runs over the base and collides with the soft target, which can be quickly retrieved and reassembled on top of the Target Robot base. All Target Robot bases are designed to sustain run-over from SUVs and some for run-over by tractor trailers. The base of each Target Robot is 5" high (tractor trailer bases vary) and the passenger car footprint is 11.5′  x 6′.

Control and Navigation


You can control the Target Robot remotely or configure autonomous navigation for test profiles in software. The Target Robot includes sensors for position, heading, and speed as well as a ruggedized computer with software for navigation and control. The Target Robot is not tied to a particular vendor or type of GPS system. It can be used with the preferred GPS system and is also available with an integrated Locata rover receiver for use with a network of local LocataLite transmitters.


Safety System

The AVTS Target Robot includes a robust safety system for stopping and powering down in the event of unsafe conditions. You can manually stop and power off at any time with the handheld E-Stop unit and the Target Robot also monitors communications and navigation systems to automatically shut down and stop based upon sensor or system failures. The E-stop unit in the Target Robot responds to input from its RF receiver (signals from remote/handheld units) as well as commands from the Target Robot computer performing safety monitoring and alarming. Upon any E-stop trigger, the Target Robot will immediately perform safety critical responses:

  • Disconnect the battery pack from all high-power systems
  • Apply physical emergency brake to stop the target robot

E-Stop trigger events include the following:

  • User activated (E-Stop button on handheld unit)
  • Collision/run-over event (physical switch detection)
  • Positioning sensor/system failure
  • Communication failure
  • Motor controller failure
  • Computer failure/watchdog timer

Click HERE for a downloadable data-sheet on the TRV.