Robotics Software

Perrone Robotics provides software for robotics and automation. Our general purpose MAX software platform and toolkit is used to more rapidly and affordably create robotics and automation solutions of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Perrone Robotics demonstrated how their MAX platform can be used to build highly complex robotics applications ‘faster and cheaper’ by fielding an entry and being selected to participate in the highly competitive and historic DARPA Grand Challenge and  DARPA Urban Challenge unmanned autonomous vehicle competitions sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Visit the Solutions and Showcase Applications pages for more examples of MAX at work conquering Robotics & Automation challenges.


We make robotics and automation software development kits that make it easier for you to build the robots and automata of your choosing. These kits include underlying software platforms, software building blocks, and software tool kits. We call the underlying robot and automaton software toolkit "MAX". MAX is here to make the making of robots of all shapes and sizes fun and easy.


We also build full fledged robot and automation software applications. We build these applications rapidly and economically atop of the MAX robotics and automation software platform. Because MAX is general purpose, you'll see that our range of applications are thusly diverse.


Somewhere between the underlying general purpose MAX platform and a robotics and automation application, lie MAX frameworks. These are application-specific software libraries built atop MAX which provide software services and building blocks specific to a specific application domain. They simply make making specific applications (for example unmanned ground vehicles) even simpler. We make a few frameworks which streamline a specific application development task at hand even more so than use of MAX alone.


Software is software. But a full fledged robotics or automation system often entails software, hardware, sensors, actuators, and host of other peripherals and components. We've dabbled in the making of a few application-specific systems as well. For the most part, our customers take MAX, a MAX framework, or perhaps a MAX software application and integrate it into their own system. However, we've also built a few MAX-based systems ourselves for customers.

Custom Services

In addition to our software and systems, we're happy to provide services to help field and integrate a custom system. Building robots and automation systems can be difficult. Our MAX platform and MAX-based software extensions dramatically reduces the time and cost for fielding such systems. However, integration support and customization may often still be warranted or desired. We're here to provide such help when you need it.