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rapidly create complex production-grade robotics and autonomous ground vehicle applications with a proven software engine.

MAX is the foundational tool and fountainhead from which all of Perrone Robotics' innovations and solutions emerge. In short, MAX is the brain of the the "self driving" or car or robot you're working with. 

What is MAX?

MAX is a full-stack, modular, real-time capable, customizable robotics software platform for autonomous ("self-driving") vehicles and general purpose robotics applications. It is a collection of software application components and modules generalized to provide highly configurable software services for robotics. The MAX components and modules can be used in the development of robotics applications and render them modular, scalable, configurable, highly-customizable, and rich in features. Simplicity, rapidity to prototype, and easy transferability to real-time production use are the hallmarks of MAX. MAX is neutral to both Java and C++ programming. 

MAX stands for Mobile Autonomous 'X', whereby 'X' is a variable in which a robotics designer can define and create their robotics application of choice. 

MAX Autonomous Vehicles

From the outset, Perrone Robotics and our customers have focused on the ground. Fully autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) and small unmanned ground vehicles (SUGVs) have been our focus. As such, MAX and its microcosm of surrounding software services have evolved which a richness and depth in automobile-sized ground vehicle and SUGV automation that is unparalleled.

MAX is...

A General Purpose Robotics Platform

A General Purpose Autonomous Vehicle Platform

A General Purpose Unmanned Ground Vehicle Platform


MAX Behavior & Integration Engine

MAX provides many services to robotics applications that you would expect from a robotics platform, such as low-level sensor interfacing and message handling. Yet MAX, with its rich suite of coherent and complementary low-level and high-level application services, provides much more than an ordinary software platform. Call it a software platform, an operating system, a framework, or an engine, the software's application services provide functionality and behavior that can be tapped in a highly configurable fashion. And as an engine for robotics, MAX also provides a variety of integration services so that a wide range of third party devices, distributed services, in-process APIs, and developer algorithms and customizations can be tapped as well.


Rapidly create complex production-grade robotics and automation applications.

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