MAX Aware

MAX Enabling Your Products or Projects

In order to use MAX in your products and projects, Perrone Robotics (PRI) may either provide custom configuration and development services to your organization, or you may buy any available MAX-based offerings from our online E-commerce store front:

  • PRI Applications and Systems Development: With a robotics or automation software application or system in mind, PRI can use MAX and extensions to MAX to create an integrated application or complete system per your specification.
  • PRI Framework Development: If you have in house development expertise, but want to focus on higher-level application-specific programming, PRI can tailor an existing application-specific framework of theirs for your use or build a new framework according to your development needs.
  • PRI Kit Development: PRI can also tailor existing tools and provide you with a broad or more sensor and actuator specific software development kit along with supporting utilities and graphical development tools to facilitate your in-house development efforts.
  • Online Store Purchases: Our E-commerce store front is coming online soon and will feature kits, frameworks, and applications that you may purchase and use without further customization.

MAX Procurement Methods

Whatever your use for MAX, our aim is to make procuring our products and services simple and flexible:

  • Store Purchases: Products available on our E-commerce store front may be purchased and downloaded or ordered using a credit card.
  • Customization and Development Projects: Projects involving custom kits, frameworks, applications, or systems may be quoted and then engaged with a simple fixed price or rate-based agreement.
  • OEM Arrangements: Organizations who would like to integrate either existing or customized MAX-based software into their own product offerings can be performed under simple OEM agreement terms.

Visit our MAX store front or contact us about using MAX in your next project or product.