Foundations for Behavior

Some applications are more complex than others. Applications may also have tremendous variation across deployments. These two facts are particularly true with robotics and automation applications. Enter MAX Frameworks.

MAX Frameworks are collections of software modules built atop the MAX platform to address a particular vertical application domain. If a particular robotics or automation problem is complex, a framework of software libraries that can be used to more rapidly field that specific application becomes invaluable. Furthermore, if the sensors, behaviors, or actuated devices vary from deployment to deployment for such an application, a framework of services that can be easily configured for use is critical for scalability of your work.

MAX Frameworks address this complexity and scalability by providing software building blocks that are specific to a particular application domain. However, they are generally not applicable to ALL robotics and automation applications, whereas the software building blocks inside the MAX platform itself are.

Examples of MAX Frameworks

Over the years, when engaging on projects or pursuing new opportunities, we've come to develop suites of software services specific to a particular application domain. The resulting frameworks have enabled the pursuit of new projects and field applications for  customers faster and cheaper than we otherwise would have been able to accomplish. Below are some examples of a few frameworks built atop MAX that have made our lives and the lives of our customers easier:

  • MAX-UGV - A framework of software services specific to fielding unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). This includes tele-operated ground vehicles as well as autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs).
  • MAX-ProductMeasurement - A framework of software services specific to providing volumetric and dimensional measurement of products moving in a SICK LMS sensor's field of view.
  • MAX-VehicleMeasurement - A framework that extends MAX-ProductMeasurement whereby the products are vehicles and the vehicles can move through the SICK LMS sensor's field of view at high speeds.

Use of MAX Frameworks

Currently, use of the MAX Frameworks that we have is limited to our customization and configuration of such frameworks for customer projects. As we roll out our MAX Kits and MAX Apps for download and purchase, we will also be considering the broader offering of MAX Frameworks as well. If you have a project in mind for such frameworks that you might be able to leverage for your internal or if you'd like us to consider fielding an application for you atop such frameworks, please contact us here.