A Difficult Problem to Solve?

Using an advanced sensor in a new application, fielding a robot for the first time, or simply tying together disparate components into a cohesive and co-operating application can be a daunting task. The underlying infrastructure, both software and hardware, in the field of robotics and automation can be significantly complex. Understanding and applying such infrastructure technology may also lie outside your organization's core competency and interests. This is where use of the MAX robotics and automation platform coupled with our services in fielding MAX-based applications provides the most value.

MAX Built to Order

Be it an extension of an existing application or system that we've built, or a completely new idea or system, we've been proving since 2001 that MAX-based systems are the fastest, most economical, and reliable path to fielding a robotics or automation application in marketplace. By leveraging a robust and deep software stack for robotics and automation vis-a-vis MAX and other MAX-based software drivers and frameworks, we start with a rich set of building blocks and foundation upon which to field a system. Combining this MAX software foundation with our knowledge and experience with MAX, we're able to focus on rapidly mapping your application goals to a functioning system.

How Do We Engage?

A custom system starts with a simple conversation. We'll first discuss the problem you aim to solve and your desired outcome. Depending on the system complexity, we'll either provide you with a quote, statement of work, or complete proposal of work. Upon execution, we'll work with you to refine requirements and designs, and then set about in the construction of your application or system working with you and keeping you informed along the way. After bench testing on our end, when you're ready to receive the final product, we're also able to work with you to deploy and test the product in your environment. Be it start to end involvement or somewhere in the middle, we're able to taylor our service level based on your needs. Contact us here to begin discussing your desired robotics or automation application needs.