RoboApps that Touch Your World

Software applications, or “Apps” for short, provide us with a specific set of services addressing a specific set of problems to tackle. MAX Apps are no different except they are focused on robotics and automation problems and services.

MAX Apps are designed to provide you with a tangible software package that uses one or more sensors and perhaps actuates some mobile or static mechanisms in response to some decision making logic. Typically designed to work with commercial off the shelf hardware and software environments, MAX Apps bring advanced robotics and automation software functions into the field, industrial plant, office, or home.

Anatomy of a MAX App

MAX Apps typically come in the form of an installable software package. You install the software onto a computer or controller, physically connect any requisite sensors and actuated devices, possibly set some configuration parameters, and then put your MAX App to work. Often MAX Apps will come with graphical user interfaces for you to configure an application and also to monitor an application as it runs. Some MAX Apps of course also run "headless" and communicate with other systems via standard communication interfaces.

Example MAX Apps

Over the years, hundreds of MAX Apps have been created. We've begun to take stock of some of those Apps created that others can use to do something interesting in the field of robotics and automation. Some of these MAX Apps are listed here:

  • GeoRange - An application fusing GPS, INS orientation, and data from a LIDAR to generate 3D point clouds referenced to GPS points.
  • Points Dashboard - An application logging and visualizing data from a LIDAR as 2D and 3D point clouds.
  • Laser Speed - An application using data from a LIDAR to accurately measure the speed of moving vehicles.
  • Product Measurement - An application using data from a LIDAR to provide volumetric and dimensional measurements of products flowing on a conveyance system.
  • GeoTracker - An application that tracks positions and speeds of vehicles and other objects via GPS and vehicle orientation via INS sensor and pushes it to a Web service.
  • LIDAR Gesture - An application that tracks hand gestures using a LIDAR and translates these movements into a coordinate system for control of computers and other devices.

How do I get a MAX App?

Our online store listing available MAX Apps is coming soon. In the meantime if you have a custom application in mind, or a variation on some of our existing MAX Apps please contact us here.