Perrone Robotics Wins Contract with IIHS

Perrone Robotics is working with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to test collision avoidance technologies in new vehicles.

Perrone Robitics is delivering a robotic test system as part of the $30 million expansion underway at the IIHS Vehicle Research Center (VRC) in Ruckersville, VA. The system includes a drop-in kit of sensors and actuators to robotically drive the vehicle under test, as well as target robot to prevent  damage that could arise from a collision between the vehicle under test and another actual vehicle. The target robot features a soft foam target that is knocked off in the event that the collision avoidance system under of the vehicle under test fails to prevent a collision and runs over the target robot base. Both the target robot and test vehicle (under control of the drop-in kit) drive autonomously according to programmed test plans to ensure repeatable testing of the test vehicle’s safety systems.