DevOps/Java Software Developer


  • Leader in creating embedded, real-time, production grade Java software for mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles.
  • Proprietors of  the MAX general purpose robotics software platform.
  • Experts in automated/autonomous vehicle applications.
  • Building a highly motivated professional engineering organization to deliver ground-breaking solutions and have significant impact on the mobile robotics and autonomous vehicle industry.

Job Description

  • Someone with chops and interest in development operations (DevOps).
  • Know way around Linux and scripting.
  • Know how to sling Java code for incremental improvements and unit tests.
  • Can take ownership of Ant, Maven, SVN, and build/release process.
  • Interest in working with developers to improve that process incrementally.

Specific Skills: 


  • Linux and shell scripting.
  • Ant.
  • Maven.
  • Subversion (SVN).
  • Eclipse and Netbeans IDEs.
  • Performance profilers.

Java Programming

  • Know Java language and programming basics.
  • Check out code in IDE, make changes, unit test, check back in, deploy, system test.
  • Coordinate and work cooperatively with other software engineers.

Development Tools

  • Skill and experience with Java IDE tools, namely Eclipse.
  • Skill and experience with version control tools, namely SVN.
  • Skill and experience with Maven and Ant are ideal.
  • Remote debugging and performance profiling (e.g. JProfiler) ideal.
  • Unit and system test tools ideal.