Welcome to Perrone Robotics

Providers of software for robotics and automation, Perrone Robotics provides general purpose and extensible robotics and automation software and solutions that dramatically reduce the time and cost for creating robotics and automation applications of all shapes and sizes.

Making Intelligent machinery for the evolution and wealth of all living things.

Stay tuned….open source options and a MAX store coming soon.

We make the promise of robotics long envisioned by humankind of yesterday, possible today.


With a ground-breaking and innovative new robotics software nucleus we call MAX”, we’ve created a general purpose robotics and automation software platform helping humanity realize the promise of Popular Robotics.


Be it rat, cat, or elephant sized; fixed, wheeled, legged, winged, or finned; ground-based, air-based, sea-based, or underwater-based, our software and solutions are designed to streamline the development and deployment of robotics and automation applications. of all shapes, sizes, & complexities